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Buena Park, CA, Feb. 21, 2001 -- Yamaha Corporation has announced that effective April 2001, production of the NS10M studio
monitor speaker products will be discontinued, citing that the source of the wood pulp used in the woofer cone is no longer
available.  Despite an intensive worldwide search for a replacement material, none was found that provided an acceptable sonic
substitute.  Along with the NS10M studio model, production of the NS10MC and NS40M will also be discontinued.

Introduced in 1987, the NS10MS and NS10MC were hailed for their consistent sound quality and “reality-based monitoring,”
evolving into a reference standard for professional engineers, producers, recording studios and post production facilities
worldwide.  “Yamaha felt the respected sound of these products could simply not be compromised by using lesser materials,”
stated Wayne Hrabak, marketing manager, Professional Audio, Yamaha Corporation of America.  “We recognize that the NS10s
have become the industry standard for recording professionals worldwide, but are hopeful that the recently-introduced
successor, the MSP/SW10 series powered monitor speakers, will more than meet the needs of the most discerning engineer,
and become the new standard.”

Customers will be able to obtain spare part replacement drivers for the foreseeable future.  Yamaha also intends to allocate all
remaining production for 2001 according to dealer purchase levels of last year.  Production of the NS10 variants from Yamaha
AV/IT for domestic Japanese use will continue.

“This was a very difficult decision for Yamaha Corporation in Japan,” stated Larry Italia, national sales & marketing manager,
Commercial Audio, Yamaha Corporation of America.  “We are proud of the tradition and quality of the NS10, and will make
every effort to ensure that our customers’ product needs will be met with other quality Yamaha models.”

The current MSP10 and MSP5 bi-amped monitors have been designed for the professional recording, post production, broadcast,
and project studio markets.  The MSP10 features an 8-in. long-throw woofer housed in a bass reflex design cabinet and a 1-in.
pure titanium dome tweeter with wide dispersion Waveguide horn.  The internal power provides 120 watts for low frequencies
and 65 watts for high frequencies.  The MSP5 features a 5-in. woofer housed in a compact bass reflex design cabinet and a 1-in.
pure titanium dome tweeter.  The internal power provides 40 watts for low frequencies and 27 watts for high frequencies.

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