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With the CD in decline as the preferred delivery format, High Resolution Audio is becoming the standard for music distribution.
To receive a High Resolution audio master, the files you submit to us must be 24bit files at a sampling rate of at least 44.1kHz
(96kHz is the preferred sampling rate).

Our High Resolution Audio files adhere to the standards of online music stores that accept High Resolution files for distribution.

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Only interested in producing a CD at this time?  Consider this... Hi-Res Audio is the wave of the future.  Soon, all audio will be
available as Hi-Res Audio.  If you are only interested in producing a CD now, you can stay ahead of the game by having your
music mastered as Hi-Res Audio as well.  This will insure that you music is future proof.  Hi-Res mastering is a totally different
process than mastering for CD.  Mastering your music for both CD and Hi-Res Audio is double the cost if mastering both at
different times.  However, if we master you project for both CD and Hi-Res Audio at the same time, we offer a substantial
discount.  More information about this discount is available by contacting us. 

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