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ISRC CODES (International Standard Recording Code)
ISRC codes are assigned to songs and encoded onto a CD for tracking purposes (royalties, etc.).

Important:  The ISRC codes are encoded into the TOC (table of contents) area of the CD.  They are not embedded into the
individual song files.  If you upload your songs to a music service from the CD, the ISRC codes are not included in the upload.
The ISRC codes will have to be submitted to the music service manually.  Most music services have a form to assist you.

Each song will have a unique code that's a series of 12 letters and numbers (think of it as a special bar code for each song).

As an example, the ISRC Code US-ABC-16-00001 breaks down as follows:
US  -  Country Code:  Specifies the country the code was created in (assigned by the RIAA).
ABC  -  Agent Code:  This is the unique identifier of the owner of the material (assigned by the RIAA).
16  -  Year Of Release:  This designates the last two digits of the year the song was released (assigned by the song owner).
00001  -  Designation Code:  This number identifies the song (assigned by the song owner).
FYI - In 2011 a new Country Code was established for the US.  The new code is QM.

To become an agent and obtain an ISRC code, you'll need to register with the RIAA.
The RIAA charges a one time fee to register.

How To Get AN ISRC Code For Your Music
To get your code, visit the RIAA Web Site to register.

The RIAA will assign the country of origin and your Agent Code (Example: US-ABC).  Once you have that, you simply add the
year of the release (Example: -15) and the 5 digit number (Example: -00001) you want to assign to a song.

When you visit the RIAA web site at the above link, you'll find a FAQ and other information regarding the use of ISRC codes.

When you have your CD mastered, be sure to give your mastering engineer the ISRC code for each song so he can encode it
on your CD.  The codes can be encoded by most CD replicators at the time of replication.  However, they usually charge extra
for that service.  We will encode them free if you provide us with the codes on our Project Submission e-form
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