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Q - Are you able to master songs for music sites that offer "High Resolution" downloads?  Example: HDtracks,, etc.
A - Absolutely.  The files you send us must be 24bit files with a sampling rate of at least 44.1kHz (96kHz is recommended).
     The final result will be music files suitable for HDtracks,, and other "High Resolution" download sites.
Q - Will mastering improve the sound of my mixes?

A - With so much music being recorded in home and budget studios these days, the monitoring and acoustics can adversely
     affect the mix, especially the low end.  The result is frequencies being under or over emphasized.  No matter how good
     your monitors, if your room is not tuned properly, your monitors will lie to you.  The mastering process will compensate for
     these glaring deficiencies resulting in a more professional mix. 

Q - Saw your article on mastering scams at the web site.  Are you affiliated in any way with that site?

A - We have no affiliation with that web site, nor do we share any opinions (written or implied) that appear on that site.  Their
     forum is full of speech that's insulting to legitimate audio professionals.  It's important to note that they are using the article
     in question without our permission despite several requests to have it removed.

Q - What happens if I receive my master and I want something changed?

A - Requests for changes or revisions are always welcome.  Here are guidelines for requesting changes Revisions/Changes

Q - Why is payment in advance required rather than a deposit with balance due upon completion?
A - Our policy of payment in advance is one of many factors that helps us keep our rates affordable.  If we have to chase
     money after the fact, or in some cases hire a collection agency, it drives costs up.  We are able to hold costs down and pass
     the savings on to our clients because of our payment in advance policy.
Q - What are ISRC codes and how do I obtain them?
A - The answer to this question is too lengthy to answer here.  More Information
     If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
     For general questions contact General Manager, Molly Berger 
     For technical questions contact Mastering Engineer, Bob Speer   
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