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ddp image file option
This delivery format contains an image of your project.  It's a series of data files that can be read by CD replicators.  These are
not music files that can be played on a standard CD player.  These are strictly data files and represent the most reliable way of
submitting your project to a replicator.  However, some CD replicators do not accept DDP Image files.  It's best to check with
your replicator of choice before proceeding with this format option.

audio cdr
This delivery format is an Audio CDR that can be played on standard CD players.  It's accepted by most CD replicators, but can
be problematic if not prepared properly.  All audio CDs and CDRs contain Digital Errors  For a CD replicator to accept a CDR
master, it must be within their specifications as outlined in the preceding link.  You can be sure that our Audio CDR masters are
properly prepared and are well within the specifications of CD replicators.  The sound quality of your replicated CDs will be
identical whether you choose a DDP Image file, or an Audio CDR as your replication master.

With the CD in decline as the preferred delivery format, High Definition Audio is becoming the standard for music distribution.
To receive a High Definition audio master, the files you submit to us must be 24bit files at a sampling rate of 96kHz.  Our High
Definition audio files adhere to the standards of online music stores that accept High Definition audio files for distribution.

You can select your preferred option on our Project Submission e-Form

Please Note:  If you're going to have your CD duplicated rather than replicated, it can only be duplicated from an Audio CDR.
Therefore, you should choose the Audio CDR option.

When choosing the Audio CDR option, you must send the physical disc to your replicator.  When choosing the DDP Image File
option, you can upload the DDP Image Files directly to your replicator, or burn them to a CDR or DVDR and send the disc to
your replicator.  With High Definition Audio files, you simply upload them to the High Definition music site of your choice.

Whether you choose the Audio CDR option, the DDP Image File option, or the High Definition Audio option, you can be sure that
the master we prepare for you will be of the highest quality.
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ddp image / audio cdr / High Definition Audio - which master Format should you choose?
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