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With the CD in decline as the preferred delivery format, High Definition audio is becoming the standard for music distribution.
To receive a High Definition audio master, the files you submit to us must be 24bit files at a sampling rate of 96kHz.

Our High Definition audio files adhere to the standards of online music stores that accept High Definition files for distribution.


High Definition Mastering Rates.  Rates are based on total playing time.  Standard Mastering Rates

1-5+ min. 6-10+ min. 11-15+ min. 16-20+ min. 21-25+ min. 26-30+ min. 31-35+ min. 36-40+ min.
$65.00 $135.00 $205.00 $265.00 $325.00 $385.00 $445.00 $495.00
41-45+ min. 46-50+ min. 51-55+ min. 56-60+ min. 61-65+ min. 66-70+ min. 71-74+ min. 75-80 min.
$535.00 $565.00 $595.00 $615.00 $635.00 $655.00 $665.00


To master a single High Definition file, use the rate for 1-5+ min.  If your file is more than 6 minutes, or if multiple singles are
to be mastered at one time, determine the total time of your single(s), then use the rate chart above.

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