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recommended Formats

We Recommend The Following Format
.wav or .aiff files recorded at 24 Bits with a sample rate of 96kHz on a data CD-R, DVD-R, or sent over the

For The Convenience Of Our Clients, We Also Accept The Following Formats
16 Bit 44.1kHz Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, or DAT.
16 or 24 Bit .wav or .aiff Files Using 44.1 To 96kHz Sampling Rate On A Data CD-R or DVD-R.
16 or 24 Bit .wav or .aiff Files Using 44.1 To 96kHz Sampling Rate On Compact Flash, or USB Drive. 
(Drives Will Be Returned After Project Completion).
Open Reel (1/4 Inch, 1/4 Track Stereo, 7.5 Or 15 Inches Per Second).

Note:  We don't recommend that mp3 files, MiniDiscs, or cassettes be submitted for mastering.  We do realize that in some
cases, clients must submit their projects on these formats because that's what they have to work with.  If you submit your
project on one of these formats, we will use every means at our disposal to squeeze every ounce of quality out of your project.

Recommended CD Length Is 74 Minutes
Although a CD of more than 74 minutes isn't recommended, we will master CDs in excess of 74 minutes when requested.
However, we do not guarantee they will be accepted by CD replicators.  Replicators may require that clients sign a release before replicating a CD that's more than 74 minutes in length.  We recommend checking with your replicator before proceeding.
A CD longer than 74 minutes isn't compliant with the "Red Book" standard and may not play properly on all CD players.

Make A Backup Of Your Project For Your Files (Do Not Send Us Your Only Copy)
CD Mastering Services denies any liability for items lost in transit and for any damage or loss due to fire or casualty while
submitted materials are in the care of CD Mastering Services.  Original materials are non returnable unless prearranged with
CD Mastering Services.  CD Mastering Services reserves the right to destroy masters and discard all submitted materials after
a period of six months (180 days).

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