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Your replication master will be provided in a sealed enclosure.  For our guarantee to remain in effect, the seal must be broken
by your CD replicator only.  A broken seal by anyone other than your replicator will render this guarantee null and void.  The
seal is to insure that the replication master is not contaminated with fingerprints, scratches, dust, and other foreign materials
that could interfere with the replication process.  This guarantee will remain in effect for a period 6 months (180 days) from the
time you receive your final masters.  In the unlikely event that our master is rejected by your replicator, we will verify that the
master CD was sealed upon arrival at the plant.  We will replace any defective (sealed) disc free of charge during the time limits
of this guarantee (see disclaimer below).

Note: Along with your replication master, you'll receive a reference CD.  The reference CD is a clone of your replication
master and should be used for reference playback, and any CD "one offs" you'd like to burn for band members, family, etc.

Disc Quality
Mastering isn't just about EQ, dynamics, song levels, etc.  It's also about providing the client with a guaranteed master suitable
for replication.  All digital recordings contain
Errors  They are a normal result of the recording process and cannot be avoided.
A disc with an average of 220 C1 errors per second is considered a good quality disc.  However, CD replicators reject discs that
exceed this number.  They also reject discs if they contain any C2 or CU errors.  As a cost saving measure, most burners that
come with home computers aren't capable of burning discs that meet the requirements of CD replicators.  They're designed for
home use only, not professional audio.

Master Disc Testing
We test every master before it leaves our facility.  You'll have peace of mind knowing in advance that your CD will pass the
critical error tests performed by CD replicators.  The benefit to rejected production delays.  That's a big
advantage when you're up against a release deadline.

This guarantee will remain in effect for a period of six months (180 days) after mastering has been completed.

Our guarantee does not cover CDs that exceed 74 minutes in length.  When requested, we will master CDs in excess of 74
minutes.  However, we do not guarantee they will be accepted by CD replicators.  CDs that exceed 74 minutes in length do not
conform to the "Red Book" standard and may not play properly in all CD players.  Many replicators require a client to sign a
release before replicating CDs that exceed 74 minutes.  We recommend you check with your replicator before proceeding.

Our guarantee covers the replacement of a defective master only.  CD Mastering Services shall not be held liable for defective
discs created during replication or duplication.

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