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If something was done during the mastering process that you would like to have changed, we'll be more than happy to make
the change for you.  You can request one set of changes/revisions to your master free of charge.  After the changes have been
made you'll receive a revised master.  Any changes/revisions thereafter will result in a fee of $65.00.  The fee must be received
before the changes/revisions are made and the next revised master is shipped.

Resubmission by the client
After listening to the master, the improved clarity (and other factors) may change your perspective of the mix.  You may want
to remix one or more songs, or replace one or more songs with another version.  We want to make sure you're completely
happy with the final product.  Therefore, submitting a remix is an option that's always available to you.  Be advised, however,
that it's always necessary to remaster a song after a remix has been submitted.  Submitting a remix, or a new version of a
song, will result in a $75.00 (per song) remastering fee.  The fee must be received before the changes are made and the
revised master is shipped.

Requests for changes/revisions can be made by simply sending Bob an

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