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Mastering Sample

If you'd like a sample of our work before we begin the mastering process, send us one of your songs.  We'll be more than
happy to provide you with a 60 to 90 second sample.  Be advised that we do all samples during off hours or downtime.  Therefore, please be patient with us.

The sample will be a .wav or .aiff file (your choice) uploaded to you.
Please include the e-mail address where you'd like the sample sent and the type of file you prefer.

We Recommend The Following Format
A .wav or .aiff file recorded at 24 Bits with a sample rate of 44.1kHz or above.  You can upload the file to us. 
How To Upload

Note: Due to low quality resulting from data compression, mastering MP3 files (even for a sample) isn't recommended.

For general questions, please contact General Manager Molly Berger at:
For all technical questions, please contact mastering engineer, Bob Speer at:

you may also send your file By Regular Mail on a CDR or dvdr?

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