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Rates Are Based On The Total Playing Time Of The Original Tracks/Album Submitted.
1-5+ min. 6-10+ min. 11-15+ min. 16-20+ min. 21-25+ min. 26-30+ min. 31-35+ min. 36-40+ min.
$95 $140 $185 $230 $275 $320 $365 $410
41-45+ min. 46-50+ min. 51-55+ min. 56-60+ min. 61-65+ min. 66-70+ min. 71-74+ min. 75-80 min.
$450 $480 $510 $530 $550 $570 $590


Rate For Single(s):  To master a single, use the rate for 1-5+ min.  If your single is more than 6 minutes, or if multiple singles
are to be mastered at one time, determine the total time of your single(s), then use the rate chart above

NOTE:  If delivering your music on CD, be advised that exceeding 74 minutes on a CD is not recommended.
Although recording up to 80 minutes on a CD is possible today, exceeding 74 minutes is not consistent with the "Red Book"
standard.  Your CD replicator may require that you sign a release if your CD exceeds 74 minutes because the CDs made from
your master may not play properly on all CD players.  We will master 75-80 minute CDs when requested.  However, we do not
guarantee they will be accepted by CD replicators, nor do we guarantee that your replicated CDs will play on all CD players.
We recommend that you contact your replicator regarding 75-80 minute CDs before proceeding with the mastering process.


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