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Mastering Engineer,
Bob Speer, Has 30+
Years Mastering Audio.

You May Think Hiring A Mastering
Professional Is Expensive...
Until You Hire An amateur.
Mastering Engineer, Bob Speer

Bob began his career after his education in the field of communications.  Bob always had an interest in audio, but it was during
his education that he developed his love of audio and it directed his career path.

Early in his career, Bob's main focus was recording live venues.  In addition, he spent many years in radio program production.
Bob was the producer and audio engineer for the very popular "Jim Kirkwood Radio Program" which aired on Chicago radio for
several years.

In the early eighties, Bob began to edit and restore old recordings.  As a result, his career move into mastering in 1985 was a
natural next step.  He began mastering (anonymously) on a free lance basis for recording studios that offered mastering as an
added service, but didn't have the proper facilities (room, monitoring, or gear) for high-end mastering.

In 1998, Bob began offering his services to the general public by opening Pro Audio Rx, a mastering facility in Springfield, MO.
The facility has gone through several changes over the years, including a name change to CD Mastering Services.  In addition
to his own clientele, Bob continues to master music for recording studios that offer mastering as an added service.

Bob's radio experience makes him extremely qualified to produce music that's truly radio friendly.  Much of today's music is
over produced because of the Master Loud For Radio Myth that has created so much confusion on the subject.

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