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Selected Clients

Below is a list of selected clients.  When clicking on our client's links and listening to their music samples, be advised that you
are listening to mp3s, AAC files, etc.  In some cases, the music samples may have gone through additional processing by the
web host.  These samples are of lesser quality than the actual masters because of the data compression used by these formats.

Artists And Bands  

Steve Kropp Band Deborah Ann Ozga
The Histrioniks Heaven Falls Hard
Chicago Blues Legend - Jesse Green Music4Life
Flash Jack Eppington The Opus dB Singers
Kanfuze Aeir Charles
John Blue The Mission
The Thromboes Metal Feathers
Aquifer Gerry Brenes
Blue Ridge Strangers The Fischers
Arden Attitude Marshal Patrick
Diamond Jim Hewitt The Aisling Project
Gabe Wolf Charlottesville
...and many, many more

Organizations And Production Companies  

Crazy N Sane Music Network Ron Paul Revolution
Phil Waldrep Ministries Northwind Global Ministries
Music Distribution, Inc. and many, many more...

Radio Stations

WEAW - Evanston, Illinois WCRM - Dundee, Illinois
WCFL - Chicago, Illinois WFYR - Chicago, Illinois
WTAQ - LaGrange, Illinois WVVX - Highland Park, Illinois
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