Bob Speer's Audiobook Editing


Audio Engineer, Bob Speer, Provides Audiobook Editing
For Audiobook Publishers, Narrators, And Rights Holders

Bob's Audiobook Editing Complies With All Audiobook Standards Including Amazon

Standards Include The Following:

1. All audio will be consistent in overall sound and formatting.
2. Files will have the same channel format (all mono or all stereo files).
3. Each chapter will be in it's own folder.
4. Each file will be an MP3 at 192Kbps, 44.1kHz, constant Bit Rate.
5. The audio in each file will measure between -18dB and -23dB RMS.
6. Each file will have a noise floor below -60dB RMS.
7. Each file will have a peak level no higher than -3dB.
8. Each file will have 1.5 seconds of silence at the beginning and 3.5 seconds of silence at the end.

As part of Bob's Audiobook editing, he masters the Audiobook for that finished, professional sound.
For more information including rates, contact General Manager, Molly Berger
For technical questions contact Mastering Engineer, Bob Speer
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